23 Memorable Deaths in Gaming

Kicking the bucket, biting the dust, getting moved into ‘upper, upper management’, the big game over, getting married to OJ – whichever morbid euphemism you choose to use, they all boil down to the same universal truth: death is unavoidable, and it sucks arse.
As gamers, we have a much more intimate relationship with the Grim Reaper when compared to our non-gaming cousins, because virtual death is always just around the next corner. For the most part this makes some among of us blasé towards the concept of carking it; but every once in a while we experience a truly unique shafting, a beautiful death, that will stick around in our memory longer than it probably should…
Spoiler warning: if you haven’t played the game through yet, don’t read about it.
DEATH BY WTF? (Shocking)
Game: Silent Hill
Type: Shocking
Event: Dying right at the beginning of a game can be an artsy experience, or it can give you a heart attack – either way. This is especially true if the death involves flailing about in the dark amidst inescapable barbed wire, with rotting corpses on gurneys and skinless mole people slashing at your nether region with rusty razor blades.


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