Sep 18, 2013
Drew Hendricks

3 Retirement Apps That Will Help With Your Golden Years

Retirement marks the point in a person’s life where she no longer works and becomes eligible for private or public pension benefits. The worker might be forced to retire because of physical condition, or legislation governing the position she holds.

Workers can semi-retire by reducing their work hours. Saving for retirement can be stressful while you’re currently working, but workers need to calculate how much money they’ll need after they’ve stopped working as a cushion in case retirement plans fail.

Mobile apps can serve as a tool for those who want to save for the future. Below are three tips for using apps in your retirement.

1. When a taking trip

Traveling during retirement is a feasible goal, if you plan accordingly. Having access to an app like TripIt will enable you to organize itineraries, share travel plans, and obtain airport and flight information in real time.

Tripit is free, with a pro version that’s available for a fee. Retired peoples can make the most out of their retirement by using their free time to explore. Making sure finances are in order prior to this can help you relax more on your adventures.

2. Keeping in touch

After retirement, people will have a lot more free time available to pursue hobbies or travel. Being able to keep in touch with family and friends is still important between all the other activities.

An app like Skype will let you see and hear children, grandchildren, and friends. Skype is cheaper than a phone call and can help bridge any distances between families.

3. Create a plan

A retirement planner will help you figure how retirement investments can be mapped out and predict how much money will be available to support you after you stop working. By using an app like Smart Money Retirement Planner, users can change Social Security payouts, which can be useful when there are continuous changes to the system.

Keeping track of checking, credit, savings, debts, and investment accounts can help with personal financing, in general, not just for those saving for retirement.

More than men, women should be concerned about retirement savings because of factors that may affect them. Women typically enjoy a longer lifespan than men, so saving more money than anticipated may be a good goal to aim for. Life expectancy is a little more out of a person’s control than the ability to save money.

Women may also have to take care of aging parents or continue to support their children by the time they retire, so saving now, cutting back on debt, and creating a plan are wise choices for the future.

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