The 10 Greatest Pieces of Gaming Merch We’d Kill For

The 10 Greatest Pieces of Gaming Merch We’d Kill For

Jul. 8 3:51 PM by KenTheGreat1

Any gamer can appreciate the smell of a brand new video game, but there’s plenty of game-related merchandize that easily take priority over the next big PS3, X360, or Wii title. Owning one of Bioshock’s Big Daddy statues is almost as awesome as owning the collector’s edition of the game itself, and who wouldn’t want to relive their childhood with Super Mario ice cream? Here’s our picks for the best gaming merchandise that you can buy — And if we’re missing your favorites, tell us what gaming goodies you guys would buy!

8. Metal Gear Solid 4’s Headset

(Pssst. Get it here!)

This slick item will set you back at least $60, but Metal Gear fans wouldn’t want to answer their phone calls any other way. If you own Guns of the Patriots, you can even sync the Codec with this bad boy and listen in to Otacon’s incessant ranting. The only problem is that it only LOOKS cool — reportedly, the sound quality isn’t too clear. Snake? Hello? Snake? Snaaaaaaaaake!

7. Final Fantasy Special Edition Potions

(Satisfy your HP cravings. If it’s sold out, eBay works, too.)

Although there’s a major difference of opinion on the taste, this Final Fantasy merch is worth it just for the bottles alone. Once you consume the original drink, simply start putting sodas, booze, and other stuff in the bottles! It won’t recover your health, but it still looks cool.

6. Halo’s Energy Sword & Laser Tag Kit

(Get it all at Think Geek or somewhere. We will.)

Just throw in a few collectors’ helmets for Oddball matches, and you can play Halo outside (GASP)! Plenty of people can boast that they’re untouchable in Halo 3 with an Energy Sword, but having a real-life Slayer match will quickly prove who’s the strongest and smartest among your Xbox Live buddies. If you’ve been sitting on your butt since Halo 3 came out, you’re at a disadvantage, soldier!


5. Super Mario Bros. Popsicles

(You can’t buy this anywhere unless you can track down an ice cream truck.)

"It’s Mario’s face! Who doesn’t want to lick that cute Sonaofabitch?"

4. Cloud’s Advent Children-Version Buster Sword

(Four pieces for $300, huh? That’s more than worth it. Buy it NOW!)

While most FFVII Buster Sword models are huge pieces of polished crap, this Advent Children model is all kinds of awesome. Plus, you get more swords for the price of one. Good luck trying to assemble and disassemble this beast…

3. WarCraft’s FrostMourne Sword

(Buy it. Buy it, buy it, buy it. BUY IT.)

Whoa — Jesus came back, and he’s a sword now!

2. Bioshock’s Big Daddy Statue

(You can get it here, too. Pick up a Solid Snake or Metroid statue while you’re at it.)

Looking for pure intimidation? A rich gamer would do well to purchase at least two of these Big Daddy statues and put them on either side of their front porch. Say goodbye to all those annoying visits from the Jehovah’s Witnesses!

1. Retro Gamer Wall Decals

("Blix" has so much cool stuff to pick from, we’re in hysterics. GO FOR IT.)

Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, and Super Mario Bros. are titles that every video game nut has more than likely spent hours with at some time. We can’t think of any better way to pay tribute to these classic games than with a radical set of sweet wall decals. If you’re going to be the envy of all your friends and acquaintances, slap Mario on your ceiling with a few Invaders for some style!


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