4 Tips to Increase Targeted Traffic to Your Blog

Looking to increase targeted traffic to your blog while maintaining your current subscriber base? Wondering what to write as your readers drift away or how to attract new visitors? Here are 4 simple tips that should improve your blogs performance.

1. Go visiting

Visit other blogs within your niche. See what they’re doing or writing about. How does their layout differ from yours and note the subjects that are being discussed to identify any growing trends you may have missed. Note what topics are the most popular and why. With a little research this could give you plenty of ideas for future blog posts.

Also take note what these sites advertise and promote. Are there color schemes or templates that seem to be working if different from yours?

Be sure to take part in any discussions and leave comments IF you have something useful to say or contribute. Remember to include your own link in your signature file so that participants can visit your site if they so choose. You don’t object to additional online traffic do you?

2. Tweak your Blog

Making minor adjustments for ad placements, opt in box positioning, or perhaps posting ideas can add up to major results.

Some quick ideas:

  • Perhaps now is the time to try a new template for your site. Most blogging platforms offer numerous selections along these lines. In your ‘field’ observations did you notice any outstanding color schemes or templates that caught your eye?
  • Is your blog set up for the visitors to interact and leave comments? If so do you really know what they want?
  • Does your content speak TO your readers or AT THEM? Insure your blog posts clearly convey your message without having the reader trying to figure out what you’re saying.
  • Don’t fear outbound links! If referencing information from other sources make available the links to these sources. Your readers will trust you more and this will empower you even further as an authority on the subject with them as their ‘GO TO PERSON.’

3. Reader friendly format

  • At the beginning of every post allow the reader to know what point it is your going to make.
  • Use intriguing headlines to capture their interest.
  • Keep your sentences and paragraphs as short as possible.
  • Utilizing ‘bullets’ and ‘numbers’ when reviewing specifics makes for an easier read. Use them when you can.

4. Keep Your Content on Point!

Here’s a rule to govern your blogging existence with, ALWAYS be sure not to allow your content to wander from the subject, purpose, or objective of your blog for more than a ‘short’ period of time if at all. Both readers and search engines do not like this!

I hope these simple tips on how to increase targeted traffic to your blog while maintaining your current subscriber base will make your blogging experience all the more enjoyable!


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