7 ways Windows 7 helps you finish your work faster

1. Windows XP Mode

If you’ve ever been afraid of losing all that is good about Windows XP, you’re not alone. That’s why with Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate, you can download Windows XP Mode. With Windows XP Mode you can run many Windows XP productivity applications on your Windows 7-based computer. It’s a great way of making old new. Watch the videos here.

Windows XP Mode


2. Device compatibility

I don’t have the time to tinker around figuring out how to make my devices talk to each other. Fortunately, with Windows 7, my devices work together without a lot of fuss. My phone, printer, and other PCs on my network connect and synch easily so I don’t get stuck spending a lot of time adjusting settings and troubleshooting connections.

If you’re not sure about compatibility, you can visit the Windows Compatibility Center to learn if your devices meet the criteria.

Device compatibility


3. Location-aware printing

My laptop makes me king of the road, until I want to print something: then I feel like a pawn on the highway. I think that’s why they designed Windows 7 with simplified printer settings. My Windows 7 laptop offers the ability to automatically switch the default printer when I move from one network to another—so my computer automatically prints to my home printer when I’m at home, and my work printer when I’m at work. This feature, called location-aware printing, is only available in Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate. See it in action.

Location-aware printing


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