Advanced SEO Techniques

The advanced SEO techniques mentioned in this article all refer to onsite SEO and don’t contain any tips on advanced link building strategies. When optimising your website you first need to make sure that your website is as good as it can be to aid the search engines in returning your pages as the most relevant for a particular search query. Below I will discuss some of the more advanced techniques that you can implement into your website to help search engine rankings.
Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)
Latent semantic indexing or LSI for short is a not as well known as the more popular SEO techniques but however, can prove to be just as effective, but what is LSI? LSI is used in search engine algorithms to detect words surrounding a particular anchor text link or within a body of content within a webpage. However this is by no means the only place that LSI is applied to. What all this actual means is a search engine will look at text that surrounds a link and looks for words that are associated with that keyphrase or industry type. For example if you had this sentence. “For the best SEO services visit our website”. If the anchor text in this sentence was SEO then other words in this sentence will be analysed by the search engines to see if they match with known words associated with SEO. Some examples would be experts, professionals, services and company and so on. Therefore it is a good idea to use this approach in your content writing. If you write your content naturally then you will find that the semantic words will already have been placed in your content. You should never write content for the sole purpose of SEO as this can interrupt the flow of your text and appear disjointed to the end reader. Always write for the website visitor with SEO in mind.
Linking Architecture
You must make sure your website internal linking is done correctly and make sure you don’t have orphan pages that the search engines can’t get access to. Unless of course you have pages that you don’t want search engines to access and in this case you should use a robot.txt file in your website to instruct search engines not to index these pages. If you are looking for an SEO company who can adopt advanced SEO techniques on your website design then try here. There is not enough room here to write how to best set up your linking architecture as you could write a book on this alone. What I will say is check Wikipedia’ website and analysis how this site uses good linking architecture.


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  1. You’re right, LSI is not really known by some SEO Expert and sometimes they don’t consider it. What they don’t know is that it really helps your On-Page Optimization efforts.

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