Americas Sales for the Week Ending December 13, 2008

The ramp up to Christmas begins anew this week. Hardware sales were up significantly for all platforms. Last week, 1.877m units of hardware sold in the Americas, this week 2.339m units of hardware sold in the Americas. Year over year growth is nearly as impressive for the week, with the decline in Playstation platforms offset by the massive Wii increase. Year to date, Nintendo has sold 20.42m Wii and DS systems in the Americas, 10.4m of which are Wiis. All other systems – PS2, PSP, PS3, and Xbox 360 – have sold 14.33m in the Americas in 2008. For comparison, in 2007, Nintendo sold 16.11m DS and Wii systems, while Sony and Microsoft combined to sell 16.11m PS2s, PSPs, PS3s, and Xbox 360s. If GBA, GC and Xbox are included in the 2007 totals, the ratio of Nintendo products to non Nintendo products moves video game market share further in the Nintendo direction, but still nowhere near the level of 2008, where Nintendo platforms are outpacing all the rest of the systems in the Americas by over 40%. Given the volume of sales Wii and DS continue to see, as depicted in the chart below, the Nintendo platform: non Nintendo platform may reach 3:2 by year end.



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