Apple set to release 800$ notebook

The Inquisitr is reporting that Apple is getting ready to release its first sub-$1,000 computer – an $800 notebook.

According to the source, Apple retail stores have been given price sheets that list 12 price points for the new range, with prices between $800-$3100. Current lines only have 8 price points, 3 Macbooks starting at $1099, 3 Macbook Pros and 2 Macbook Airs. According to the source, retail outlets usually get the price lists 10 days before products hit the market. Technical specs for the new laptops were not included on the price sheet.

If this turns out to be true, then this is a clear sign that Apple is looking to broaden its customer base in an attempt to try to make itself more resistant to the effects of consumers tightening their belts.

Quick word of caution though – the idea that an Apple store would get pricing information for a new product so far in advance seems fishy to me. This information, if real, is coming to Duncan Riley from a much higher level than a store drone. (full story Link


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