ASUS Launches World's First OC Version for EN9500GT Series

Taipei, Taiwan, July 29, 2008 – Fulfilling user demands for a graphics card that delivers excellent graphical performance boosts and exceptional cooling, ASUS, worldwide leader in graphic card production, has today introduced the world’s first overclocking version of the latest NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT GPU – the ASUS EN9500GT TOP/DI/512M graphics card. With this superlative variant, users will enjoy 103% performance boosts for gaming experiences. In addition, almost all of the EN9500GT Series models will come with the exclusive Glaciator Fansink to keep GPU temperatures up to 13ºC cooler than reference designed boards.

Enjoy Doubled Graphics Performance
As the world’s first overclocking version for the EN9500GT chipset, the ASUS EN9500GT TOP/DI/512M delivers GPU, shader, and memory clock performance boosts from 550MHz up to 700MHz, from 1375MHz up to 1750MHz, and from 1600MHz up to 2016MHz respectively. This creates elevated performances that raises the EN9500GT TOP’s 3DMark Vantage High Preset score – from 689 to 1401 – to an astonishing 103% improvement in speed when compared to any other reference designed board*. With such unprecedented performance, gamers will feel an adrenaline rush while gaming – only with the ASUS EN9500GT TOP/DI/512M.

13ºC Cooler with Exclusive Glaciator Fansink
The ASUS EN9500 Series utilizes a new generation Glaciator Fansink that is specially designed to effectively dissipate heat away from the graphics card. Much like real-life glacial storms, the Glaciator Fansink quickly transfers heat away from the GPU to lower temperatures by a whopping 13ºC in comparison to reference design boards**. Besides this extreme cooling capacity, the Glaciator Fansink is also ultra quiet with operating levels of only 25dB – almost imperceptible in a quiet room; and caters to users who require maximum cooling without excessive fan rotation noise.

Unprecedented Rock Solid Quality from ASUS
Keeping in line with ASUS’ Rock Solid promise for quality, the EN9500GT Series comes equipped with several solutions to ensure delivery of top quality graphic performances. With the EMI shield, 66% EMI Interference can be reduced for more stable signals***; while DIP Spring Chokes lower temperatures by 5~10°C in comparison to traditional Toroidal Coil Chokes. Additionally, the LF PAK MOS guarantees more efficient power and less heat production; and on top of all this, Japan-made polymer capacitors lower power loss for more stable operations. In this way, users will be able to enjoy extreme performance and have peace of mind over their product lifespan – only with the ASUS EN9500GT Series.

* Performance Configuration
PCI-Express 16X:
MB: Maximus Extreme Rev: 2.00 BIOS: 0802
CPU: Intel Core™2 Extreme 3.00GHz (QX9650)
Memory: 2048MB (DDR3 APACER 1333 1024M*2)
Overclocking capabilities may vary when using different cards
The 3DMark Vantage score was obtained using High Preset
** Testing Platform
CPU: P4 3.0G
M/B: P5B Deluxe
RAM: 1.0G
O.S.: Windows XP
Test Program: 3D Mark ’03 (repeat GT4/Mother Nature)
***The DDR3 version of EN9500GT models come with the EMI shield




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