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BlackBerry Training courses present end-users and BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrators with opportunities to learn about tools and skills that will help your organization maximize its BlackBerry Enterprise Solution investment.

Using training to educate users and administrators about the full possibilities for using BlackBerry software and devices is an excellent way to build on their basic functional knowledge. BlackBerry training for end-users and BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrators is designed to help your organization increase performance and efficiency by empowering your
employees to take advantage of the advanced features and capabilities of the tools they rely on to do their jobs. BlackBerry Training courses are developed and presented by the people who know the material best—BlackBerry experts from Research In Motion, the manufacturer. Courses feature up-to-date information validated by BlackBerry experts and use a combination of interactive instruction, hands-on lab work and quizzes to create powerful learning situations.
The material is made highly accessible by enthusiastic trainers who are skilled at helping trainees understand, absorb and retain knowledge. To suit the different training needs within your organization, BlackBerry Training is presented in several formats: convenient online training courses, open sessions in major North American and UK cities and on-site sessions that can be tailored to your organization’s specific training needs. Select whatever method is most convenient for you.

Some Comments of the Attendees

“Very informative. There was lots of helpful feedback on troubleshooting, tips and real problems that our organization was experiencing. Great instructors.”

“Excellent training session—now I understand how to manage BlackBerry Enterprise Server.”


”I found this course to be very beneficial. It filled in several holes in my knowledge. I am excited to go back and implement new policies and experiment with software configurations.”

”The course was excellent and the instructor was very knowledgeable. It was a great resource for tips for troubleshooting.”


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