Canon EOS 1000D

Though Canon does have a very strong foothold in the DSLR market in India, there has been a gap that Canon hadn’t catered to yet — the ultra-budget DSLR segment.

But the EOS seems more than a cut-short budget camera. For one its build is just about the same as its big brother, the EOS 450D at 126 x 98 x 62 mm. With its weight of merely 502 g, it’s definitely the lightest DSLR camera body we’ve tested till date. Lighter DSLRs may not be a big deal for hardcore enthusiasts, but for a beginner or a casual user who doesn’t own a giant camera bag, it’s a great asset.

Unfortunately the light weight comes at a slight cost. The camera’s body is completely built of bland, mat-finished plastic, which gives it a pretty dull look. Moreover, even the handgrip lacks that high-friction rubber coating, which makes the camera easy to use for hours at a stretch. Now that too wouldn’t be just a big issue if the grip had the right contours on it for easy finger placement or even a slightly bigger, more comfortable size. I may sound overtly harsh here, but being a camera user with particularly large hands, I do take my comfort over extended use seriously.

The button layout at the back is exactly the same as the EOS 450D, which would make a Canon user feel right at home. The 2.5-inch screen with 230,000 colors supports Live-view, which seems to have become a norm in DSLR cameras these days. Casual users, however may need to up their game to be able to use this feature as it works only in manual modes. Still I’m pleasantly surprised that Canon added this nifty feature in their lowest-end DSLR model.


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