Convert MKV files to PS3 Playable Files with Linux – updated

Its been some time since I wrote a script to transcode matroska video to a playable format on the PS3.  I know this script has been available for a while but I have decided to keep the original script right here so I can maintain it.  Any forum links will point to here in future.

So lets get on with it.  If youre interested in transcoding using Windows then you can get tools like mkv2vob

“After many days of hair pulling / grey inducing conversion trying to work out how to convert matroska video files to a playable format for the PS3. I have produced the following script :-
keywords “mkv mux mp4 ac3 ps3 stream convert mp4box ffmpeg mplayer”

As you can see in the comments at the top of the script you need to install a few packages and use the correct values to the compile (package.use, for Gentoo users).

I have tested this on many files with great results.

I also know this could be written better so I appreciate any responses.

This script does NO conversion of video and is really quite quick

It takes me 17mins to remux a 1.2GB MKV file to a PS3 playable format. It has ac3 audio which can be seen whilst playing the ps3

I hope this helps everyone else whos had the problems I have.


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