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Anonymous surfing is the ability to surf the Web without being tracked. By using "sniffers" somebody could find out your IP address, cookies, what’s in your browser cache, what kind of computer you’re using…they could even connect to your hard drive and access your private files, including passwords and banking information.

Web sites and other people can sniff out information about you including your IP address. You can be found and tracked using your IP address very easily. Your IP address gives hackers an entryway into your computer.

Anonymous, or proxy, servers work by retrieving Web pages for you. They hide your IP address and other important browsing information, so the remote server does not see your information but sees the proxy server’s information instead.

Surfing with an anonymous proxy site/service is simple: all you do is enter in the URL you’d like to visit anonymously, and you’ll be able to surf leaving virtually no trace that you were ever there. Basically, when you use an anonymous proxy and enter in the URL that you’d like to visit anonymously, the anonymous proxy retrieves the pages BEFORE they are delivered to you. This way, the IP address and other browsing information that the remote server sees does not belong to you – it belongs to the anonymous proxy. When you surf the internet, your computer lets every other computer know who it is by giving away information such as your ip address, type of browser and a ton of other information. The goal is to hide all this information from other computers and this is called anonymous surfing.

Every time you surf the web you leave traces of your Internet activity that can reveal your real identity. Any url you access can gather and record information about you such as your IP address, location, browser type, browser language, operating system you are using, web pages last visited and other information that you might want to keep confidential. 

Hackers, identity thieves, spammers and other people who want to get access to your personal information can monitor your browsing habits and activities, spy upon you, steal personal information and exploit security holes in your system to cause damage to your computer.

There are literally hundreds of free anonymous proxies. It is estimated that 90% of all computers are infected with spyware that may allow criminals to learn passwords and bank account numbers—essentially giving them access to anything and everything on your computer. IP address (Internet Protocol address) is your internet identification number. Everyone has an IP address to communicate on the Internet, It’s like a telephone number or mailing address. Using your IP it is possible to know your country, city, internet provider and even physical address. Hackers and identity thieves can use this information to steal personal information, spy upon you or cause damage to your PC.

While most sites use information about OS and browser to provide a better surfing experience, this information can also be used by hackers for virus attacks to get access to your hard drive, steal personal information or cause damage to your computer.

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  1. with the seemingly hastily thought up name this sounds like an fbi front. the proxy knows about your computer so how can you trust them?

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