Fujifilm FinePix S1000fd

After checking out Fujifilm’s latest offering in the ultra compact sector (the FinePix F60fd ), it’s time to look at their new addition to the S series of super zooms – the Fujifilm FinePix S1000fd.
The S1000fd measures 102.5 x 73 x 67.8 mm, making it quite small and portable for a super zoom. It weighs 325 grams though, which wouldn’t be too much normally; but since the frame is so small the density (mass per square millimeter, in this case) is pretty high, making it feel like a heavy little rock. In spite of this, it feels reasonably comfortable to take shots with the S1000fd, since most of the weight is on the back-right corner of the camera (where you’d grip it), ensuring that there’s no weight imbalance that would normally make it difficult to keep your hands steady.

Most of the body is made of tough plastic with a textured rubber grip running across the right side of the camera that feels great to the touch and enhances grip for all you people with sweaty palms. To add to the comfort there’s a well contoured groove along the right side, making the S1000fd incredibly convenient to wield.

The button placement is quite convenient, with the trigger on the top, far side of the extended grip, with a plastic ring around it to zoom in and out. Behind the trigger are the Face Detection and Burst setting buttons along with the power switch. The mode selection dial is located right near the flash.
The facing side of the camera hosts a 2.7-inch LCD, with the controls neatly laid out to the right of it. These buttons include the Viewfinder toggle button, the Preview and Photo mode buttons, a display/back and an exposure compensation button, and a 4-way navigation pad with a menu button perched in the middle.

The only thing I couldn’t wrap my head around is why Fujifilm would bother making the body this small. I mean it’s good for portability, but that’s not exactly why you’d buy a super zoom now, is it? If it were a little bigger, it would be way more comfortable to hold and would suit the target audience far better.

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