Games of April 2009

Even though it’s the peak of summer (or at least it feels like that), there’s a slight lull in games releasing this month. Luckily for us, getting games a bit late does work in our favor at times and this month we’re all set to receive a few good games that rocked the charts last month worldwide.
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (DS)

The Grand Theft Auto series finally makes its debut on Nintendo’s  family friendly handheld console, the DS. Unlike the PSP iteration of this series, Chinatown Wars is a cel-shaded game and takes place from a top down point of view (just like in GTA 1 and 2). It puts players in the boots of Triad member, Huang Lee who finds himself in Liberty City to avenge the death of his father and recover a family heirloom. The game’s already received a ton of accolade from the Western media who’re touting this as one of the best GTA games ever made.
The Godfather II (Xbox360 PS3 PC)

Based on the extremely well received movie of the same name, The Godfather II will allow players to once again interact with the Corleone family as they strive to annihilate the competition across Havana, New York City, and Miami. Making its debut this time round is a gameplay mechanic called the Don’s View that’ll allow you to control and expand your business from an RTS-esque point of view. Besides that you even have a brand new combat system called the Don’s Hand that’ll allow you to manhandle your foes in brutally entertaining ways. Add in some multiplayer and you’re looking at a pretty entertaining summer game.
Company of heroes: Tales of Valor (PC)

A stand alone expansion to Relic’s most excellent Real Time Strategy title, Tales of Valor will allow players to commandeer newer units, play through newer maps and indulge in some new multiplayer modes. And just so you know, stand alone means you don’t require a copy of Company of Heroes to play this game.

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