Gears of War Adds New Feature, the Color Blue


Epic Games’ highly anticipated follow up to the hit title,  ‘Gears of War’, titled ‘Gears of War 2’, is set to launch with a revolutionary new feature. Lead Designer Cliff Blesinsky explained it by saying ‘This time, we’ve pulled out all the stops. Instead of wasting time on dumb features like 16 player deathmatch, decent vehicles, or plot, we decided to add an entirely new color to the game. I call it, Blue."

(editors note. Upon saying the word ‘blue’, Mr. Blesinsky waved his hands in front of his face like a magician.)

The original Gears of War was praised by critic as being bold enough to limit its use of color to brown, grey, and black. This new additional color marks a huge leap forward in the games artistic design. Head Artist Frank Longfellow explained how he came up with the idea, "I was messing around in photoshop and all of a sudden everything turned blue. And before I could figure out what I did, Cliff saw it and went crazy. He loved it. So I kept my mouth shut."

When we asked if simply adding a color was going to be enough of an improvement to sell the game to a rabid audience, Mark Rein, CEO of Epic said ‘Hell, We got away with having a ‘run’ button as the main feature on the first game. I’m pretty sure we’ll get away with this, too.

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