God of War III Review

God Of War III sees cursed anti-hero Kratos, the fallen God Of War, finally getting his bloody revenge against the rest of the Greek gods. The last in the trilogy of action games is the first for the Sony PS3 – and lays out its key features early on.

Kratos opens the game ascending Mount Olympus on the back of a Titan; essentially a moving environment our anti-hero must cling to as he and it are assaulted by their mutual enemies. As opening sequences for games go, it doesn’t get more ludicrously over-the-top than God Of War III. And from there, the game turns it up a notch…


God of War III(Sony)


Very soon, Kratos is dividing his time between killing Greek gods in gigantic boss battles, wading through hordes of more standard soldiers with his swords-on-chains swinging every which way and, in the rare moments he’s not covered in gouts of red stuff, he’s solving huge environment puzzles by leaping, swinging and clambering around Olympus and the Titans clambering up it.

By the time the game is over, Kratos will have bathed in the blood of tens of thousands (at a guess) of enemies, brutally eviscerated a heap of gods and clambered up and down through the bowels of a huge mountain.

Along the way, he’ll have gathered up a slew of weapons (at least some of which, unlike previous games, do actually prove useful in different situations). It’s a fairly classic formula, followed closely – with you picking up new abilities or weapons regularly (and mostly after having just bested another god), to keep your interest levels up.

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