Google gets an Indian googly from Guruji

New Delhi: What do you do when you want to know about India – Indian food, culture, famous Indians? You Google. Be a little more patriotic now. Forget google and switch to guruji.

Started by two Indians from IIT -Delhi. is a search engine by the Indians, for the Indians, of the Indians.

Says the co-founder, Anurag, “Guruji’s is a website for Indian consumers. It is more friendly for Indian consumers”.

So if you type president on Guruji it will not take you to Obama but Pratibha Patil. The site gets around 16 million searches per month on an average. Besides English it does searches in seven Indian languages including Gujarati & Tamil.

“Since the launch we have had good growth guruji is the 4th most popular search engine in India. And the website among the top 100 Indian websites,” says Anurag.

Another site on the same lines is It’s designed to hunt Hindi content on the web. The makers claim almost one hits every day most of them, from far flung villages.

Says the founder Raftaar, Saurabh, “This website searches the Hindi content. We also have a feature in which if a person types in a Hindi word it will also find websites which has that word written in roman. Say if they write khabar it will also find websites which have khabar written as khabar”.

Maybe you browse in English not Hindi. Maybe you need directions to the hottest party in town. Who do you ask?

Ask Laila. And who is Laila? is a website that searches for stuff you really need in your own neighbourhood. Movie listings, theatre nights, the nearest grocery story – it has them all.

“Asklaila is available in main six metro cities of India. Lalila knows your city really well. If you are looking for potpourri in CP but are not sure of the spelling it will still search and give you the number,” says asklaila founder, Shriram.


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