GOOGLE launches new media server app.

Google just came forward with its new Google Media Server, a Windows application which allows users to share personal files or online content found on Google services ( such as YouTube or Picasa Web Albums),  with a series of UPnP compatible devices, including the PlayStation 3 and the XBox 360.

The application works with Google Desktop technology: the administration tool uses Desktop gadgets and for locating media files the app uses Google Desktop Search. In order to run the Media Server, only two things are needed: a PC with Google Desktop and UPnP-enabled device. Once this is taken care of, users will be able to access their PC-stocked video, audio and photo content.

Google’s plans include serious video advertising projects; Eric Schmidt, company CEO, said earlier this month that Google intends to make some money out of YouTube, but hasn’t yet figured out how to do so. YouTube was purchased by Google for a whopping $1.6 billion, but up to this point, the investment hasn’t brought in any profits. Meanwhile, the site has proven to eat out most of Google’s outgoing bandwidth.

With the new Google Media Server, the PC-TV gap was bridged and with the help of YouTube’s huge popularity, online videos will surely find themselves played on TVs everywhere in no time.

However, things are not going to come easy. The company may find itself in a tricky situation upon an attempt to get companies to place ads according to target demographics. Even though the number of people posting or just viewing clips on YouTube is quite impressive, the content is so unstructured, that making a demographic study about what kind of people watch which kind of clips is next to impossible.


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