Google's new privacy link

he company has made a minor change to its home page, adding a link to its copyright line that leads to its Privacy Center.

Google’s decision, noted Thursday in a corporate blog and a public policy blog, is an attempt to quell a controversy over the posting of its privacy policy.

(Credit: Google)

Saul Hansell, a reporter with The New York Times, first brought the issue to light in May when he asked whether the company was violating California law by not posting a link to its privacy policy on its home page. Privacy advocates soon got involved. Google had maintained that it was doing nothing unlawful.

It’s not clear whether the change will satisfy the privacy advocates. CNET sent an e-mail Saturday to representatives of three main groups involved, seeking their response.

Being a long holiday weekend, reaction so far has been sparse. At least one member of the blogosphere asserts that the link doesn’t resolve the issue because it doesn’t link directly to the privacy policy. Another concludes that the whole controversy was silly to begin with.

Google competitors Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, and, by the way, all provide links to their privacy policies on their home pages.


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