Grand Theft Auto to Wii? Is Nintendo changing its demographic?

Nintendo forums are alight at the moment with the possibility of the largest "grown-up" franchise in video gaming coming to a Wii near them. 
Nintendo of America’s president, Reggie Fils-Aime has appeared recently on US television, discussing the possibility  "Nintendo has done all it can to persuadeTake-Two Interactive Software to bring the Grand Theft Auto franchise to Nintendo consoles, and it is now up to the third party publisher to decide whether Rockstar Games’ immensely popular series will appear on Wii."
Despite commentators here on iTWire down playing the concept, it does start the imagination buzzing as to the possibilities of the Wii-mote in such a title.
Imagine being involved physically in a street brawl, or needing to actually get the ignition started on a recently "jacked" vehicle.  Immersion rules on the Wii and it will be titles like these that can exploit the concept further, especially for a more adult audience.
Still we will need to wait and see what eventuates – we will know more come 2007’s first quarter.  In the meantime it is refreshing to note that publisher Take-two did indeed pledge support for the Wii back in June this year.
Lets hope that it is titles like GTA, and Bully (Canis Canem Edit In Australia and Europe) and the ilk that can expand the Nintendo Wii image from the toy profile it tends to hold now.  The future is looking bright with a strong software line up already available.

Source ITWire


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