How To Deactivate A PS3 Without The PS3?

Note: I want to be clear that I am not a fanboy and anyone who reads my blog often enough knows this. I don’t write to flame topics to get hits because that is not what I am about. I write what I think, I tell the truth about things that happen to ME, I can’t speak for anyone else. I am just a regular guy who wants some honest information sometime and when I couldn’t find any I decided that I would write. So after you read this and before you make a judgment about my character or integrity please read some of my other content whether it be articles or reviews first and then decide. Thank you. -Zo aka thatruth2006

The problem is that YOU can’t. So anyone who knows me and reads this blog knows how big a fan of the PS3 I am but when stuff like this keeps happening it really makes it hard Sony. So a few post back a lot of you will remember that all of the sudden my PS3 just stopped reading Blu-Ray disc. I tried everything I could, searched the net, but alas in the end I had to purchase a new PS3. All was good in the world until today. Today, enjoying the long holiday break I decided to download the entire second season of one of my favorite TV shows. I didn’t anticipate a problem since I had downloaded demos and stuff from Playstation Home on this new console without a problem, but boy was I wrong.


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