How To Drive Traffic To A Website Through Article Marketing

There are many ways to increase website traffic. Some web developers are turning to SEO practices, link buying and even subscribing to pay-for-click programs just to encourage more visitors to their sites. One of the least expensive ways of increasing website traffic is through article marketing.
What Is Article Marketing?
Article marketing is a form on online advertising. Basically, you write short articles about anything related to what you are trying to promote. After completing the piece, you have to make it available for distribution and publication in article directories, in the company website and even on someone else’s site.
As a rule, each completed article contains a resource box which contains vital information like: the name of the author, a very brief background of the author, and contact information of the author, etc.
Essentials Of Article Marketing
1. Write Quality Articles
Quality content is still the best way to make article marketing work.
You should remember that more than a million people log on to the Internet daily; and a good percentage of them post article after article about almost any topic.
When you write an article, try to incorporate all the information your potential reader may need or want. Internet users usually seek out valuable information like the ones that can help them solve their problems. If you can, write and post articles that have the same theme or subject of interest; and write as many articles as you can. This is a way of building up your reputation among your readers. Given time, (and if your articles are interesting enough,) you just may develop a following of readers who are interested in reading what you have to say.
2. Craft The Perfect Resource Box
As mentioned earlier, when you market your article, you should always have a resource box. Now, this is really important. This is the one place that can literally point your readers to your website. Here is how you should craft a perfect resource box:
The first thing that your readers should find in your resource box is your name and title, but more often than not, its just the name that people scout around for.
Do not forget to type in correctly your website address after your name.
After this, there is the compulsory USP or unique selling proposition: this is comprised of 1 to 3 brief and concise sentences as to what more you can possibly offer your readers.
Finally, you lead your readers into a call of action. This means that you are asking them to do one specific action: particularly asking them to visit your website.
3. Submit Your Articles
Obviously, submitting your article for publication is important, but where do you send them? The easiest choice is to send them to article directories or acquire article distribution services. Submission to article directories is mostly free, and these directories will allow you to add links to your website. Article distribution services have varying fees, but they allow your piece to be posted in more sites than article directories.


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