India's first hydrogen fuel pump

While conventional fuels are derived from crude oil or gas, the hydrogen fuel will use atmospheric air to synthesise pure hydrogen.

Indian Oil Corporation [Get Quote], the country’s largest oil marketing company by sales, will open the country’s first hydrogen fuel-dispensing station in New Delhi next month. The new-age pump will be set up in Dwarka.

"This is the culmination of a journey undertaken by IOC to diversify the energy mix of the country which ultimately results in energy security in the future," says RK Malhotra, IOC’s executive director of research and development.

While conventional fossil fuels like petrol, diesel and CNG are derived from raw materials such as crude oil or gas, and mostly imported, the hydrogen fuel to be dispensed at this pump will use atmospheric air to synthesise pure hydrogen, which will be used to fuel vehicles. The process is called "electroliser" technology.


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