Intel Core i7 980X Extreme Edition Processor review

Intel BX80613i7980X Core i7 980X Extreme Edition Processor – 3.33GHz, LGA 1366, 6.4GT/s QPI, 12MB L3 Cache, Six Core, Hyper Threading, Gulftown, Retail CPU w/ Fan



Intel BX80613i7980X Core i7 980X Extreme Edition Processor
The most significant architectural change in the x86 architecture in 13 years, the Intel Core i7, just got better! Intel has completely reinvented their CPU design, removing the antiquated Front Side Bus and replacing it with the new Intel QuickPath Interconnect, delivering up to 6.4 GT/s. In addition to the the integrated Triple Channel DDR3 memory controller, Intel has added two additional cores to the new Gulftown-based Core i7 line. Located directly on the CPU die is 12MB L3 cache shared across all six cores means the CPU can do more without having to access the main memory, further increasing performance. Intel Hyperthreading Technology gives the allows this new Six Core CPU to process up to 12 threads at once while the Intel Turbo Boost Technology allows the CPU to shut off uneaded cores, increasing the frequency of the others from 3.33GHz to up to 3.60Ghz for lightning speed.

The Intel Core i7 processor is the latest in cutting edge processor technology for the desktop PC. Based on the new Intel Westmere 32nm microarchitecture, the Intel Core i7 processor delivers six complete execution cores within a single processor along with the rebirth of Intel HyperThreading Technology, delivering unprecedented performance and responsiveness in multi-threaded and multi-tasking business and home use environments and the ability to simultaneously process up to 12 separate threads.

The unprecedented performance of the Intel Core i7 processor is made possible by each of the six complete execution cores delivering the full power of Intel Westmere 32nm microarchitecture. More instructions can be carried out per clock cycle, shorter and wider pipelines execute commands more quickly, and improved bus lanes move data throughout the system faster. This six core, twelve thread processor represents Intel’s continued leadership and drive of multi-core processing and more parallel computing.

Doing More with Intel Six Core
The Intel Core i7 processor is at the center of today’s most interactive and content rich software experiences. The evolving set of threaded multi-media applications, including digital content creation, will shine as users are able to complete tasks faster. Game play can achieve even greater visualization and realism as tasks such as artificial intelligence (AI), physics, and rendering can be distributed across each of the six complete execution cores and run in parallel.


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