Is Microsoft Giving up on Console Visual Superiority?

When it comes to pushing what is possible on a console, it seems as of late that Microsoft has ‘taken the back foot’ so to speak, the titles that are making huge waves in the gaming industry in terms of console technology are mainly PS3 exclusives.

Now before the Xbox 360 fanboys out there chew up this article and spit it out, hear me out…

Earlier in the life cycle of the Xbox 360, there were games released that were praised and adored for the technology and visuals they brought to gaming, one of which was ‘Gears of War’, this highly intense Third Person shooter was epic in every sense of the word, no pun intended.

‘Gears of War’ was THE game to own an Xbox 360 for, with Xbox 360 owners using it as a  tool for arguments against PS3 users, who argued their system was more "powerful"

Everything from the games’ graphics to it’s cover-centric gameplay was brilliant, and indeed one of the many reasons the original ‘Gears of War’ was hyped for, was it’s visuals. However after the release of the sequel, ‘Gears of War 2’, which saw noticeable visual improvements to the first, the Xbox 360 has wittered out of the race to console visual superiority.

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