Is The PS3 Really Future-Proof?

Before you debunk this as more hell fire thrown unto the PS3 or any other console at that, please remember that I will never post flaimbait or fanboy crap.

This article is here to highlight the many features generally regarded as Future-Proof on the PS3 and see just how future-proof they really are… I wil not base this on opinions but instead fully on facts.

Future Proof Feature 1 – Blu Ray?

Since the announcement of Blu Ray there have been many doubts and skeptics created in attack of this very capable technology, but when it waged war against the most popular HD media disc format at the time, everyone could see Sony meant business. We were about to see a turning point. The war was won, HD DVD saw its demise, earlier than many expected, And this is all because Blu Ray packs a lot of punch – It features a 25GB standard single layered disc and a 50GB Double layered counterpart. Far greater then anything known before. It is the one thing on the PS3 that has clearly differenciated it from the competition since release.

And with the movie industry adopting the Blu Ray disc as their very own… Its going nowhere.

Future-Proof? YES!

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