Kensington Launches Washable Keyboard

Kensington has introduced the Washable USB/PS2 Keyboard with antimicrobial protection, for the hygiene conscious.

The USB or PS2 plug and play keyboard is waterproof, easily washable and treated with an antimicrobial that provides additional defense for the keyboard against bacteria. The new product meets administrative demand for the highest level of cleanliness within communal environments.
Key features of the Kensington Washable USB/PS2 Keyboard with Antimicrobial Protection include –
– Antimicrobial Treatment – Special treatment provides added defense against the growth of molds, mildews, and fungi associated with odor and stain-causing bacteria
– Lab and Office Friendly – Water-proof and washable keyboard designed for use in many different environments, such as hospitals, government offices, schools and more
– Easy, Convenient and Reliable – A standard size, white keyboard with 104-key layout that is plug and play via USB or PS2; the soft-touch keys offer a crisp, responsive touch for added comfort and is compatible with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista
The Kensington Washable USB/PS2 Keyboard can be run under a tap and washed to remove germs and contamination.
The keyboard is available for pre-order at and and costs $39.99


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