Learn Vista in 15 Minutes :part 1

It’s impossible to cover all the new features of Vista in a single chapter. Many features
warrant their own chapters because there’s a lot to say about them or we found secret
information that isn’t in the Help text you get with Vista. Other new Vista features, although important, may be so straightforward that they don’t have any particular secrets. If not, we haven’t devoted any further space to them in this book. But even features that don’t have hidden features may be important for you to know about when you turn Vista on for the first time. Exposing those features to you is the purpose of the following overview.


The New Start Menu
In Vista, the Start button is no longer called Start, and the Start menu looks completely
different from the menu you may be used to in Windows XP. However, it’s still there at the
bottom of the screen, and you may find it a bit better organized. The old Start button has been replaced by a lighted sphere that displays the Windows flag logo. Instead of submenus that fly out to the right of the main menu, Vista displays your most recently used programs in a primary window. If you click All Programs, the Start menu switches to a display of collapsing folders. You can expand each folder to show you all available programs, but the Start menu keeps the list within the primary window

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