Learning Windows Vista: Part 4

Instant Search and the Search Pane

An interactive Instant Search bar is now a feature of every Explorer window in Vista as
well as Vista’s Start menu. This may not slow the progress of third-party desktop search
applications that are increasingly being promoted as Windows downloads from the major
search engines. But Microsoft is, in fact, trying to build into Vista advanced search functions
to render such downloads unnecessary. Figure 6 shows the results of .jpg entered in the search bar of the Start menu. Pressing Enter opens the more-capable Search pane. In this pane, you can refine your search or organize the results by file size and other attributes.


The search bar and Search pane. Entering a string into the search bar in the Start
menu and pressing Enter opens the Search pane, where you can refine your search



The Control Panel’s classic view. In this configuration, every Control Panel applet is
shown, which looks quite busy


Selecting just options applets. By entering the word options into the Control Panel’s
search bar, only those applets with that word in their titles are displayed, making your choice easier.

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