Left 4 dead Game review

Up until recently, multiplayer has carried with it the assumption that we just want to duke it out against our fellow gamers to prove our digital dominance. But at long last, the joys of co-operative multiplayer have made their mainstream surge in a variety of recent titles; including Red Alert 3, Call of Duty: World at War, Resistance 2 and of course, Left 4 Dead. As the game’s title (not so) cunningly suggests, the game revolves around a four player co-op experience.
For fans of B-grade zombie films this is a must-play if only for the myriad of genre in-jokes that infest the game more frequently than the hordes of zombies you must fight off. Make no mistake, Valve wants you to approach this game as if it’s the ultimate, interactive zombie film. When you start up a level you’re greeted with a movie poster that shows-off everything from production credits and lame tagline, to the player name’s and what character’s they are playing as. Whenever a campaign is completed credits roll and begin with a dedication to whatever players didn’t escape the chapter. Right from the get-go Valve has you feeling like part of the whole experience and it doesn’t slow down.full review

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