LG 42PQ70BR Bluetooth PLASMA TV Review

LG is one hard working company, always keeping the media in the loop amongst other things. They have newer and better signs each year, and also cool sounding and looking features. Performance wise they are more than decent too, and this time they have taken things a step further with the introduction of Bluetooth in a TV. Cross hybridization of technology is inevitable, and when it does happen it’s always fun to check out. So let’s check out this new Plasma TV by LG, with a couple of brand new features, called the LG 42PQ70BR.

After the Scarlet and the Jazz, LG has come up with more ideas for aesthetic beauty. These Plasma TVs have no real frame around the screen; it’s a seamless transition from panel to bezel, thus having a very smooth and original looking screen. Then we have a regular back panel with grilles exposing the anatomy of the TV and a small, neat connection window on the bottom right, and side panel. The TV’s power on LED is also very neat, a crescent shaped button that glows red on standby and white when on.

The connections available are part of the full fledged bouquet, with 3 HDMI inputs, 2 component ins, PC input (Mini D-Sub), composite ins( 3 in total), plus the all important USB 2.0 input. One point needs mention here: the USB can play MP3s, JPEGS and also Div X, MPEG 4 movies, stored in FAT32. There is no head phone out, and comes with inbuilt stereo regular speakers that output 15 watts of power each at their loudest.

Moving images in 720p were obviously the best, as that is closest to the native resolution

There is a new feature called 600 Hz sub field driving introduced in this series, that helps in very precise motion video rendering, meaning there will be less motion blur, and so LG claims less optical fatigue. The response time due to this new tech is quoted as 0.001ms. Of course the other new feature is Bluetooth, so one can connect wireless headphones and stream media also to playback on the TV. They have not mentioned whether it’s Bluetooth 2.0 or not, we are not assuming anything yet. In the performance we’ll see how it fares.

The unit is actually a 24 kg machine though it looks much lighter. It’s a 42-inch screen, with native resolution of 1024 x 768, which is typical of plasma 42 inch screens. The brightness is 1500 Cd/m2 and dynamic contrast ratio is 20,00,000:1, a very high number, we cannot say how it is rated so high.

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