LG L224WS LCD Monitor

We have reviewed quite a few LG HDTVs recently, including their frameless plasma. Today we have an LCD monitor by them, a rather basic 22-inch model, with a reasonable price tag.

Design and Features
The monitor is quite straight up in terms of aesthetics, quite a no frills approach. It’s got the usual black bezel, with straight edged borders. The surface is matte black, with a centrally located LG logo on the bottom panel. The buttons are on the right extremity, a single row of flat narrow push buttons. The only unique thing that catches the eye is the power on LED. It’s not the regular small blue dot shape, rather it is an L shaped one (inverted L), and aligns along the bottom right corner. It glows a radiant blue, and looks pretty good.

The stand has a different finish, a glossy black one. It’s circular and pretty sturdy and huge. The monitor build quality is also impressive, as the joints between he frame and the stand is not wobbly, it’s fixed in well. We received it fixed straight out of the box, though there are screws to attached it.

The monitor has a 16:10 TN panel LCD screen, 22-inch diagonal size, with max resolution of 1680×1050. The contrast ratio is 1000:1 native; brightness is 300 Cd/m2. Response time is 5 ms, while the input is regular 15 pin D-sub.

Motion is really no problem on these TN panels, detail and sharpness was visible right from the text in my word processor, to the action scenes in the film sequences.

There is no Digital video input, which could be one of the reasons the cost is low. The screen has an antiglare coating, plus it is not reflective or glossy which is good for me. There are no extra features like inbuilt speakers, webcam or any thing else of the sort.


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