LG Launches Versa With Detachable QWERTY Keypad

Although this has no particular relevance to us, just yet, Verizon Wireless and LG have announced that the LG Versa will be available with the US provider from March. The LG Versa sports an elegant bar design with a chrome border, an animated 3-inch touch screen interface with tactile feedback and an attachable QWERTY keypad.

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Customers can personalize their LG Versa phones based on their messaging needs on any given day. They can choose to either attach the QWERTY keypad to their phones or simply leave it at home. The built-in accelerometer rotates screens automatically from portrait to landscape, and customers can use rotation movements to steer games. The HTML Web browser includes Flash and RSS feed support, and customers can keep up to three windows open and switch from one window to the other to view pages.
The LG Versa supports productivity tools – such as Visual Voice Mail. In addition, the LG Versa is compatible with Mobile Broadband Connect to allow customers to use their phones as a modem by linking their laptops to their phones to establish a broadband connection anywhere within their providers Mobile Broadband rate and coverage area. Other features also include GPS, EDGE/GPRS support, Bluetooth, 2MP AF camera with flash and microSD card support for external memor

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