Life on Mars? The red planet may not be a dead planet

New Delhi: Believe in aliens? Chances are you might soon. There could be life on Mars.

Scientists in NASA have found fresh evidence of methane on MARS, which according to Professor of Geological Science at Indiana University Lisa Pratt means, “Methane can be a waste product from microbes that are methane-generating, but methane can also be a food for microbes that are methane consumers, so, in either way, this is exciting because we have evidence that we need to think about in terms of the possibilities of life on Mars."

Presence of methane is the strongest evidence ever about life on Mars although there is no direct evidence yet.

Professor of Atmospheric and Space Science at University of Michigan Sushil Atreya said, “There are two possibilities again. Either it is geology, in which case it’s the reaction between water and rock that’s producing the methane, or it’s biology, in which case the microbes are producing the methane."

A NASA video shows the exact region where methane was found on Mars and the red spots are the areas from where the gas seeped out the most.

Earlier in 2008, NASA had confirmed presence of water on Mars. Now with the presence of methane signs of life are getting even stronger.


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