Microsoft Sued Over Xbox 360 Disc-Scratching

Microsoft has been targeted in a class-action lawsuit by angry consumers who have had their game discs scratched by their Xbox 360 consoles.

The Xbox 360, when tilted, causes the game disc to collide with parts inside the disc drive, which produce the deep circular scratches on the game disc.

The class-action lawsuit claims that Microsoft knew of the issue before-hand, and could have easily solved it by adopting a slot-loading disc drive like the ones found on the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

“Because these greater gyroscopic forces are combined with both a weak magnetic force for holding the disc in place, and a tray-loaded design that can be oriented vertically, uncoupling of a disc during normal console use was a predictable result,” the lawsuit reads.

During a deposition, a Microsoft employee said that the Xbox team knew of the issue prior to launch, but did not resolve the issue.

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  1. I think to pay 15 cents extra they could of put on buffers its scratched me out of about 200 dollars like that

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