Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center

In those Vista versions that support it, Windows Media Center turns a PC into a DVD
player and digital video recorder all in one. (Media Player is included in Vista Home
Premium and Ultimate editions.)
In Vista, Media Center has been developed to support widescreen and high-definition
monitors. It works fine on older 4:3 displays but takes full advantage of greater capabilities
when present in the hardware found on a system (see Figure 24).
PCs that include a TV tuner enable users to watch, record, and pause live programming.
With multiple tuners, it’s possible to watch a program on one channel while recording
another program on a different channel.
Besides TV and motion pictures, Media Center also supports audio files and still photography.
You can direct slide shows and music playlists as well as watch live or recorded
video programming.


Windows Media Center. Vista supports widescreen and high-definition
programming with the appropriate hardware.

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