MSI announces new HD 4870 cards

MSI has announced two new cards in its HD 4870 lineup, the R4870-MD512 and R4870-MD1G. Both cards are based on well known RV770 chip and both of them are cooled by a impressive looking dual-slot cooler.
Both cards are working at reference 750MHz for the core while the memory is clocked 3,600MHz. The memory amount depends on the model, 512MB and 1GB are possible in GDDR5, and it comes paired up with a standard 256-bit memory interface. These two new cards feature a HDMI, D-Sub and Dual Link DVI outputs, as well as SSC’s (Solid State Choke) and solid cap capacitors.
The most interesting part is the non-reference cooler which lower the cards average temperature by 20°C if compared to the reference cooler. The 9cm fan gives much more airflow while lowering the noise. The fan spins at 2800rpm should provide 56 CFM of airflow while it produces 33.75 dBA of noise.
According to our sources, MSI’s new HD 4870 with a 9cm fan and dual heatpipes heats up to 44°C in idle mode and to 66°C under full load which is a great result considering the fact that the reference card can heat up to around 80°C under load. We hope that we will have a chance to try one of these to make sure that these temperatures are for real.
The cards should be available soon, while the price is still unknown. We only think that the cards comes way to late to make any difference especially as some other companies have done this a few month before.

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