NASA: Water Confirmed On Mars

Water On Mars

Well, as you know, a while ago the Pheonix Lander took some photos of an ice sample from Mars and this thing send everybody into raptures. Today, NASA revealed that the Mars probe discovered water in a soil sample that was scientifically analyzed.

“We have water. We’ve seen evidence for this water ice before in observations by the Mars Odyssey orbiter and in disappearing chunks observed by Phoenix last month, but this is the first time Martian water has been touched and tasted” said William Boynton, lead-scientist for TEGA at the University of Arizona.

Mars Panorama

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The Pheonix Lander also took some photos of Mars, actually an absolutely incredible panorama of Mars in approximately true color which is about 11MB in size and this is not all as NASA announced that they will release a full-color 360° panorama of Mars.

NASA also said that they have extended the mission on Mars until September 30 which will lead to a mission of 126 Sols from 90 sols that were initially scheduled. This will cost them extra $2 million, but the possibility of learning more about Mars and these spectacular views worth more than that.

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