Nimbuzz to be Available on Toshiba TG01 Handset

Nimbuzz has recently announced a collaboration with electronics giant Toshiba to develop optimized versions of their Nimbuzz Social Messaging application for its mobile communications division. It was only a month ago that Toshiba showcased their new mobile handset to the world. This agreement will bring instant messaging and social networking capabilities to Toshiba’s new high quality, high performance TG01 Handset. The two companies are working together to provide a device rich with communication features that enhance the usability of the Toshiba device.
Bertand Issard, Head of Product Planning & Strategy of Toshiba Mobile Communications Division in Europe added, “All our application partners are best of breed and are chosen for their mass market appeal and we are pleased to announce Nimbuzz as our social messaging partner. Nimbuzz will complete the PC like Internet experience of TG01 from flash site browsing to social networking,”

Nimbuzz CEO Evert-Jaap Lugt commented, "Device enrichment and differentiation is central to the overall desirability of mobile phones today and Nimbuzz is excited to collaborate with Toshiba to provide a truly world class value experience for Toshiba customers globally."
For more information on the Toshiba TG01 device click here.


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