Nokia N9 India No No No Not Now LOL


Nokia is launching its new device Nokia N9 soon with its new OS Meego and with new interface called SWIPE. But India and USA is not in the list of releasing countries. In USA Nokia don’t have a big market share but Nokia has a big market in India still they are not releasing N9 in India, they must have some big reason for it that they are hiding.

In India many people even me are eagerly waiting for Nokia N9 but I think we have to wait for some more time. But if you are really a big fan of New Nokia N9 you can get from some other countries, Below is the list of the country N9 is going to release soon

Austria    Bulgaria    China    Croatia    Finland    Greece    Hong Kong    Hungary    Malaysia New Zealand    Portugal    Poland    Romania    Russia    Saudi Arabia    Serbia    Singapore Slovenia    Sweden    Switzerland    UAE    Vietnam

If you living in the countries listed above you can gets your hand on Nokia N9 its first release.

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