Nokia, Securitas to Bring Security to Mobile Devices

Nokia and Securitas have announced a new cooperation regarding mobile services for personal security and every day safety.
By combining the main competencies of companies within security and mobility, Securitas and Nokia plan to cooperate by introducing attractive and affordable security services in Nokia mobile devices. GPS enabled mobile devices are soon to be as common as the camera making this a mass market service.
The service Securitas Safe-2-Go makes it possible to, for example, get help in an exposed situation, but also gives increased security through information regarding the location of friends and family.  
Securitas Safe-2-Go initially contains four services.
– Assist where you can – With the touch of a button, get connected to Securitas alarm central which has information about who is connecting, where this person is located and which people related to the person need to be contacted
– Find – where you can get the current position on where friends are located.
– Zone – where you receive an SMS if someone leaves or comes into a predefined area, like a school or a home.
– Friends – which gives an overview of where all friends are located.
Securitas Safe-2-Go will be launched commercially during the first half of 2009 in Sweden and be launched in other European countries later during 2009.
Securitas will now be offering services, which will work in all GPS enabled phones based on the S60 platform. This way it will possible to reach a large customer base of mobile users who can increase the personal security and create safety in everyday life in an easy and affordable way.


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