Prince of Persia Review

The new Prince of Persia is a departure from the previous games in the series, the design philosophy has changed and he shares the story with a rather attractive female companion. Is this enough to freshen up this platform hopping franchise however?
When the game starts the Prince is merely a charming thief who gets lost in a sandstorm and goes on a hunt for his missing donkey, Farah. This sandstorm, we find out is actually magical and has transported the Prince to another land, a distant place deeply rooted in mythical lore. He meets up with a woman called Elika, a semi clad warrior whose task is to guard a prison (called the Tree of Life), containing the evil god Ahriman. As always, the two meet just as Ahriman escapes, unleashing a foul corruption across the world. The corruption will continue to spread and blight everything, unless of course The Prince and Elika can intervene.
Interestingly, Elika has been coded to offer much more than a nice looking diversion, she is your guide, able to cast spells throughout the game to offer assistance if you get stuck. Not only that, but she can offer help in combat and sometimes swing the balance. She is also your teacher and informs you as the game progresses about the conflict between Ahriman and Ormazd as well as the tragic tales of the four bosses you meet in battle.

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