Protestors Burn Nokia Phones in Jabalpur

The current tension between the nation and our neighbor Pakistan hit a new chord as per the reports. Nokia in their latest version of Nokia Maps 2.0 apparently shows the state of Kashmir as being part of Pakistan’s territory, and obviously this is not something any vote seeking Indian politician would take lightly.
A group of BJP members raided and set fire to a bunch of mobiles from a Nokia Dealer in the city of Jabalpur. According to a few of the organizers, the incident was a form of protest. The misrepresentation in the application and maps was considered to be ‘a case of anti-nationalism’.
What I’d like to know is, instead of destroying property, wouldn’t it have been simpler to notify the company and have them post an immediate upgrade to the application and maps? I’m not going to sit here and condone the protestors’ actions or the oversight on Nokia’s behalf for that matter, but I am absolutely sure the situation could have been handled better and without any violence.


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