PS3 Firmware 3.15 confirmed and dated

Just a little smidgen of news for you today. We’re getting reports that the PlayStation 3’s firmware 3.15 will be released very soon.

Firmware 3.10 brought limited Facebook integration and a fix for the ugly friends list. The unconfirmed firmware 3.15 will bring…well we don’t know.

[UPDATE] – All we know is that there should be fixes for controller pairing, the ability to transfer data between two PS3’s linked with an Ethernet cable (converting saves should be easier now), and PSP minis will now be…playable on PS3s.

The firmware, rumoured on Neogaf, is said to be posted in only two days time on December 10th.


Could this be the PS3 firmware update we’ve been waiting for? We doubt that it’s time for cross-game voice chat, since Sony would most likely have given the update a more significant collection of digits.

Our friends at TheSixthAxis have also brought us news that Sony will update the PlayStation Store on the 22nd December this Christmas and then over two weeks later on January 7th.

[UPDATE 2] – This firmware update has now been confirmed by Sony Europe. Find details on its key features on Playstation University.

Check out the official post


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