PS3 Will Secure Blu-ray Format

As part of Sony’s announcement today that it will be cutting the PS2’s RRP by $30, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton took a moment to make parallels between old and new.
“Just as PlayStation 2 is delivering on a 10-year lifecycle and helped expand and solidify the DVD format for home entertainment along the way,” he said, “we believe Playstation 3 offers the same promise by helping secure the Blu-ray format.”
Tretton went on to say that the PS3 offers “unprecedented value” as the total home entertainment solution for the next decade, clarifying perhaps that the business has no immediate plans to reduce the price of the PS3.
The latest wave of PS3 price drop speculation passed by only just days ago, with an anonymous source incorrectly stating that an announcement will have occurred by now. Just weeks ago Screen Digest Games Analyst Ed Barton claimed that Sony was “under pressure” from various publishers to drop the retail price of its latest home console.
Sony states that the PlayStation 2 was the first home console to integrate DVD technology, and claims that the “rapid growth” of the PS2 install base “helped establish DVD as the standard optical disc media format worldwide.”

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