StarCraft 2 Will be a Trilogy

Blizzard wants to show its fans that they’re making their upcoming RTS sequel – StarCraft 2 – every bit as epic as the series’ fans deserve. They’ve announced that the game will be split up into a trilogy, where each race will get an individual ‘standalone product’. Here are the details:

The first game will be called "Terrans: Wings of Liberty"
The second will be "Zerg: Heart of the Swarm"
The third will be "Protoss: Legacy of the Void".


Each campaign will play out differently (maybe just slightly) – the Zerg campaign is said to have RPG elements, while the Protoss one will be more focused on diplomacy. The Terrans campaign will also contain a Protoss mini-campaign.
Apart from this, they also mentioned that they want the games to feel like standalone products, rather than expansion packs.
How do all these things affect your life, you ask? For starters, each campaign will get the full-game treatment; meaning they’ll have a start and end cinematic each, along with many more in between, meaning the number of cinematics in the entire trilogy will be far more than any game you’ve played before (Blizzard cinematics are to die for!). Also – on the flip side – the price of each campaign might cumulatively end up being on the higher side (boohoo!).


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  1. The Terran campaign was released with the initial software but yes, there is supposed to be a Zerg campaign and a Protoss campaign “coming soon.”

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