Starcraft II Lego Creations

Remember back in the day before there were fancy video games, computers, TV, and more MP3 players than you could imagine; with the only source of entertainment being two rocks? I don’t either but that doesn’t stop how awesome Lego’s have always been.

For anyone with unfamiliar (for what ever reason) with Lego’s they are merely small plastic blocks that are able to be used to create things. This could range from a space ship, a castle, a life sized person, it all depended on your imagination ( To be more accurate how many blocks and how much time you had) on what you created. Yes indeed these were a wonderful children’s toy and still is today. The average focused age group does not stop some though, and this is where this fellow comes in.

“Pepa Quin” as he is called on flickr, has created a few fairly decent Starcraft II themed vehicles and otherwise. This includes Terran Marines, Immortal, Banshee, and a Hellion.

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