Nokia’s new OS Maemo. Symbian is going down by 2010

Nokia is dropping Symbian OS from NSeries By 2010.

“While it is our policy not to disclose details of our product roadmap, we’d like to explicitly communicate that we remain firmly committed to Symbian as our smartphone platform of choice. Any speculation on what our 2012 roadmap, including operating systems and product branding, are completely premature.

As we have stated earlier, Nokia has multiple platforms to serve different purposes and address different markets. Symbian is more successful than ever in bringing smartphones to the masses. Maemo is our software of choice for devices based on technology that you’d typically find inside a desktop computer. It delivers a different user experience and enables us to widen the market we can address”


Some Cool features of New Nokia Os Maemo.


New powerful browser based on Mozilla Technolgy.

The powerful Maemo Browser has a fast Mozilla engine and gives you full access to rich interactive content – just like a browser on your home computer. Full Browser feature

Personalize Multiple Desktop.

Decide how you want your desktops to look. Add the calendar, map, and media player widgets, and choose your favourite application, contact, and website shortcuts. Panorma Desktop

Easy Multitasking.

Tap the dashboard to follow everything at once. Keep track of missed calls or new emails, and switch instantly between open apps and ongoing conversations. Dashboard Details

Connect to your friends easily.

See the availability of your Ovi, Gtalk, Skype, and other IM contacts and choose the best way to get in touch – all from the same view. Full Detail

Context with Geotags

Know exactly where your pictures were taken with automatic geotagging. Maemo turns GPS tags into familiar, user-friendly names. Details

Visit Nokia Maemo for more detail.


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