The Top 5 Coolest Things About the New Xbox Experience

By now you’ve had a little bit of time to mess around with the New Xbox Experience. Sure, you already know about the full size Mii’s…er…avatars and streaming videos from Netflix, but after sorting through about a hundred new blades, what does Microsoft’s latest update really have to offer?

GamePro Arcade is here to help. Listed below are the Top 5 coolest features of the New Xbox Experience. Make sure you take advantage of them.

Avatars – Get over the fact that they’re a Mii rip off, the Xbox avatars are a nice new feature and are a natural fit with the always community friendly 360. Players can already use their avatars in four games (Uno, Scene It: Box Office Smash, Hardwood Hearts, and A Kingdom for Keflings), and on the Friends blade you can take a look at all your buddies avatars and see who they’re playing and/or partying with as a picture sits behind them. The customization is pretty limited at the moment (Where’s the curly hair? Why can’t I wear a Master Chief helmet? When will I get to wear a skeleton costume like the Cobra Kai’s on Halloween?) but I’m sure more options will be available soon…for a price. full post here


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